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Reiki Energy Healing 


There is energy in every thing in the Universe. What Reiki practitioners do is harness this energy and focus it all into you for your greater good. If you aim to make any kind of life change, Reiki is a tool that can propel you forward. But also, if you do not seek a life change, Reiki is relaxing, can help with sleep dysfunction and chronic anxiety. It can also reduce stress, boost energy, the possibilities are endless! Reiki is primarily a tool to help you become the person you want to be. For people who are not able to attend a physical appointment, I also offer distance services.


Life Changing package

$400/paid up front

Try this month-long life changing package, which includes:

  • Four Reiki energy healing sessions with Intuitive Reiki healing
  • One hour initial consultation
  • Unlimited email support for the month
  • One hour closing wrap-up session

Intuitive reiki


Mental processes and emotions have physical effects, and I am highly skilled in integrating dietary, spiritual, and emotional healing practices to foster physical wellness. Reiki is a good way to uncover these problems and find comprehensive solutions.


Transformative healing


Making meaningful lifestyle changes comes down understanding and learning to regulate your thoughts, feelings and actions. I can offer counsel, meditative exercises, and other tools to aid you in your journey to self-discovery and fulfillment.