Freeing up space

"I cast away all doubts, fears, sorrows, confusions and anger to the wind.  I release any toxicity that weakens my spirit"  The White Which Parlour

I've realized that every time I pine and hold onto a relationship, agreement, position or anything that I hold onto for too long that once I finally do let go something new and beautiful fills it's space.  

I've dragged out leaving jobs many times, sometimes for fear of what's next, and sometimes for fear of hurting the persons feelings, or not wanting to let them down.  I've remained in relationships, friends or otherwise where I felt taxed by the other person, or I could tell that they no longer enjoyed me, out of duty or guilt.  I've dragged out my kids leaving home for as long as possible for fear of losing them, for fear of being alone, who knows why.  I've dragged out losing weight, I've dragged out seeking higher education, I've dragged out talking to people I want to know about, I've dragged out confronting issues of extreme importance to me, I've dragged out a lot.  

Just recently I was pining over not attending a class (that I love) , while having a long list of justifications I still ran it through my mind all weekend long.  I talked to my family about it, thought about it, prayed about it, and even journaled and asked my guides about it.  This is the answer I got.  Take the job, quit the job.  Keep the friend, lose the friend.  Go to the class, don't go to the class.  It doesn't matter.  These matters are miniscule compared to the amount of energy you are expending deciding what to do.  The gist is, in the end you will do what you do and it will all work out.  You already know what to do.  Deep down in your gut you already know what to do.  You will think about it and twist it to fit what you want but that doesn't make it right or wrong.  It is the amount of time you spend dragging it out that is harmful, and wasteful.

Even when I asked for signs from my guides and received huge undeniable signs of which way to go, I carry on wondering if it's right.  Is anything for sure?  have you ever made a decision and been like "yep that is 100% guaranteed"?  No. 

While we are discussing taking up space, what about the guilt you carry over leaving the job that didn't serve you anymore or the marriage that wasn't for your highest good?  The space that takes up in your life is greater than you might think.  Recently I decided to be conscious of old thought patterns and what I realized was that I still have negative thoughts that I quickly label as "BAD" and then bury, so then there is the energy used trying not to feel the guilt, the not good enough, the less than.  So not only, do we take up space with stressing over what decision to make we then spend energy feeling badly about our final decision and then spend energy trying not to feel bad.  Oh wait and what about the energy we expand to not feel too good either?  Not letting ourselves accept compliments, not letting ourselves relish in our success, not being too proud, and not loving too much.  No wonder we are exhausted mentally and physically every day.  Where does this leave us for energy to do the things that we want?  The things that fill us, the things that make life worthwhile?

If we were able to, slowly over time see each of these thoughts, dragging out, negative thoughts, and repressions, and release them fully, to realize that this thought or process may have served me at one time but as for now it does not and release it ( I have many release methods. Intention, and awareness is key) then imagine the room you have for new and beautiful thoughts and ideas.  If I look back on my life, honestly, every time I thought I was "losing" something, I actually gained something.

If you are ready to move forward, to start anew, to have the energy and the tools to jump on your life path then it's time to let go.  To let go of everything that no longer serves you.  Use every opportunity to see the things about your life that use up your energy and find a way to release them.  Make room to be filled up.  It's your time.   Just as you have to clear your space and physical possessions, your mental space needs cleared out.  Make room for the new!


Love and Light 

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti