"There is a big difference between who we love, who we settle for, and who were meant for"...unknown

It's IMPORTANT that I get this job!  It's IMPORTANT that I earn this amount of money!  It's IMPORTANT that I raise my children in my beliefs!  It's IMPORTANT that I don't abuse my body with cigarettes and alcohol!  It's IMPORTANT that I have insurance!  It's IMPORTANT that I get a yearly exam!  It's IMPORTANT that I set healthy boundaries!  It's IMPORTANT that I forgive!  It's IMPORTANT that I heal myself! 

I think the "it's importants" started for me around my freshman year of high school.  It was IMPORTANT to get good grades to get into a good college.  By my Junior year it was IMPORTANT that I decide on my career so I could gear my classes and focus my efforts toward it.  I was so confused.  I saw validity in all careers.  It soon became IMPORTANT that I marry the father of my child and be a good wife and mother.  It quickly became IMPORTANT to not be me anymore.  Twenty years later, i realized, there is a huge difference in IMPORTANT and DESIRED.  

The truly important situations in my life where my action was needed, where I needed to be in a certain alignment for my soul contract to be met, I was placed without my effort.  The universe, God, Source, whatever you want to acknowledge it as, places the IMPORTANT things at your feet.  You get a feeling of walking through a storm in an invisible shield.  You are like the terminator, nothing stops you, nothing can hurt you.  Things, that when you look back on them, should have seemed impossible were effortless.  The universe conspires to get you to the important things.  You get a conviction in your gut that you don't question, that constantly is confirmed by the ease of which the end result happens.  The opportunity or important placement keeps becoming available to you and sometimes when you are not paying attention or you are preoccupied it forces you to do the IMPORTANT.

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and you feel like you exerted so much energy and nothing is falling into place until you just give up and then another time you barely even try and the weight just falls off while you glide through life.  The marriage that you wanted so badly so you forced and forced until it all fell apart.  Then the love that shows up when you weren't ready and elates your heart every single day of the rest of your existence.  You know when you are right where you belong.  It's like magic.  The flow.

I've tried to be in control, God showed me every time that I wasn't.  Still I tried again and again.  Until you finally throw up your hands and say "Jesus take the wheel", "universe take the reigns" and then poof, everything works out.   The IMPORTANTS.  These are the places where you are suppose to be, suppose to do, suppose to act.  They aren't always the same.  For someone getting the job might be IMPORTANT and if it is the universe will make it happen, it will happen with ease.  For others it is a trip, meeting the right person, saving someones life, or protecting a child.  It's all about the conviction, the ease, and the emotion......the magic of how it happens.  The rest is desire.

What I am saying is IMPORTANT happens for sure when you are connected.  Desire is something you may need to work toward or strive for.  I'm not saying that one is bad or good.  This is your life and desire is yours!  What you want in your experience is completely up to you and that is the beauty of it all!  You get to pick!  Do you want that high paying job?  GET IT!  You want to work to make that beautiful marriage?  Do it!  Your desire is what you want in you story.  Want that new house, the boat, the Escalade?  You have just as much right to it as anybody else, get it.  I just want you to realize that not all of these things should give you anxiety, seeking your desires should provide you with joy, adventure, and passion.  It's not anxiety that drives you to these things.  The IMPORTANT things will flow with ease and the desires should be sought after with joy.  

Love and Light 

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti