Honoring the Seasons

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."  Ecc 3:11

Lately I am obsessed with the cyclic nature of......EVERYTHING!  My entire life there are times when I am just so on, in the flow, that i feel invincible and then I'm not.  I've been chasing the constant "on" feeling for as long as I can remember.  Just a couple of days ago it donned on me......It's not summer all the time, i'ts not peak harvest every day, the flowers aren't in bloom forever, I'm not awake and productive all the time.  It's a cycle.

Since I'm a woman, I can easily make a measurement of my cycle.  I've recently learned that I have a four week cycle that coincides with so many other things.  I like how they are compared to the seasons as in the book Rise Sister Rise.  Spring is when things are beginning to grow, waking up, just coming around.  Spring for me is a time of air.  I have to be extra vigilant to ground myself because I am in the clouds, I make hasty decisions, I am childlike and I have a difficult time organizing my thoughts and everything!  It is not my most productive time.  Knowing this I want to plan accordingly, not add the heaviest workload, this week is not the week that I would want to plan a large event!  I could plan it ahead and follow through but definitely NOT plan it.  

Next is Summer, which for me is the "ON" time.  I have abundant energy, thoughts and ideas flow like melting snow, I am full of joy and willing to share myself with the world, even my skin and body are happiest in summer.  This is when I want to bulk up my schedule, plan visits, new clients, social events.

 After summer is fall.  In the past I'd always self medicate with lots of caffeine to hold on to summer!  I also began to feel sad and worried that summer would never come again, what am i doing wrong?  Why am I not in the flow anymore?  Just as every living thing has a cycle, so do I!   Fall is when I am LEAST able to deal with stress.  I feel tired, edgy, angry, and annoyed.  I want to keep my fall for releasing things, doing the work of letting go of things that do not serve me anymore.  I need ample alone time, sleep, and self reflection.  This is when a scheduled healing session, sweat lodge,guided meditation, or massage would be extremely effective.  During the fall I need to be pampered, by myself, loved and allowed to relax.  It's so hard to allow ourselves a fall or release, relax, rest.  We are so driven to hurry up and get things done that  what we miss is this cycle is just as important as the others.  The rest is what makes the productive times exceptional.

 Lastly is the winter.  For me the winter is quite creative and profound.  I still consider it a restful period but I am able to focus quite well and I have abundant strength and joy.  I use winter to do difficult tasks that require a lot of focus, and contemplation.  I notice I can be extremely nurturing in the winter.  I can compare my winter to the new moon, planning what to bring forward in spring and summer.  

Knowing that summer will always come again and that without a restful fall and contemplative winter,  summer would not be as productive has helped me to not only accept, but to embrace each season, and in fact to use it to my advantage.  

Keep a journal of your energy level, your tolerance level, your productivity, both mentally and physically.  See how much more you can be by honoring your natural cycles and rhythms.  

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti