The Psychic

."My soul is my guide."  Rumi

My teacher, mentor, shaman,and basically bestie shot me a group text saying "hey text this number for a free psychic phone reading, a client of mine is practicing to try out for a call in psychic job."   I tend to be down with anything she asks of me, I mean she's not led me astray as of yet.  I quickly texted the number and went on about my business.

The next day I got a text back saying "can you call Monday at 10 for your free psychic reading?"  Then just like a business transaction, I replied yes and quickly put it in my calendar and once again went on with the business of life.  

I am an intuitive healer.  I receive messages from spirit while I'm with people, and in my dreams.  When I touch objects or humans I am able to see memories, pictures, and even entire stories that I can use to help the individual.  So a psychic should not seem that far of a stretch for me.  I will have to admit, my old programming was still in affect, I felt that a psychic was a novelty, like a magazine horoscope or game of MASH on the playground.  So,  like  "for fun".  I had never had a psychic reading, palm reading or anything of the sort.  Odd considering it was all in the realm of my expertise.  

The closer my reading got the more anxiety I began to feel over it.  Do I withhold information so I will believe it all?  Do I give more information so that it can be more helpful?  What questions do I have?  How could I narrow my huge list of questions down?  What kind of questions can i ask?  Would she see things that I do not like? I wanted to call my friend and ask a bunch of questions about the psychic about what would happen, about what I should and should not do, but I held myself back.  Often in my life I have ruined an organic experience by "knowing too much", overthinking the entire thing.  I always found gifts before i got them, I would find out what people were feeling even before they knew and then freak out.  This time I wanted it to all be a surprise.

The morning came and I went to a quiet place into my bedroom with sunrays hitting my legs.  I called and her raspy voice comforted me from the first word.  I felt so naked, so exposed, out of my element, almost like a child. She asked if I was ready and asked for any questions I had to get started.  I sat there with the blankest brain ever to exist.  I began to sweat at the lack of thought.  After what seemed like five minutes (actually probably 10 seconds) I had some B.S. question to ask and before it could breech my lips she said "Um, Cecily, my room is filled with the smell of cherry pie and cigarettes."  My blocks instantly left, my skin tingled, and my heart swelled, I knew it was my grandma.  On the verge of tears, a thousand questions filled my head, but before I could ask each one she told me the answer from my grandma.  I cried, laughed, and contemplated.  Some of the things could have been explained but some of the things only I knew, they were private only to me, and apparently to my angel grandma who has been with me.

 An hour flew by, and toward the end i was hit by the relevance of psychics, mediums, seers.  Confirmation, comfort, putting ones soul at ease.  I impressed this on the woman, I couldn't help but feeling a deep sense of love and gratitude for what had just happened and I greatly wanted her to know what an important thing her sharing her gift with the world was.  This was something that was necessary.  Thoughts I'd had were confirmed, guilt was put at ease, revelations occurred.  I was changed that day, I was pushed to dive deeper into knowing that there is more, always more.  

The psychic was a success.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti