bum diddly bum diddly bum bum

"the sacred drum places you in the present moment"  drumweaver.com.

As part of my Shamanic class we were to construct a drum.  The idea of me marching and drumming, dancing and drumming, just drumming and drumming lit me up! 

I'm sure my first encounter with a drum was similar to that of many others, pots and pans on the floor, the side of the house, pieces of metal with a stick, kicking my feet on the back of the seat.  Whatever was available to tap out my heartbeat or my rhythm on was fair game.  I would make a beat in my head to the sound of my horses hoof beats, different at each gait.  The sound of rain on our metal roof at the cabin or the sound of a woodpecker first thing in the morning.  Life has a beat, a rhythm.  I derived comfort, and security from pulling in the natural beats all around me.

As I grew older, in Junior high, I derived pleasure and excitement from drum beats.  I found music. I joined band, as a trombonist, but the drums enthralled me.  The drums held us all together, they led the entire composition!  We played the song "wipe out" for basketball games and programs, if you've heard it before you know about the incendiary drum solo.  Regardless of the skill level of the drummer I was entranced, excited, even aroused!  After the solo, people would cheer, we would all cheer, and look at each other like, ya, that was AWESOME!!

Closer to my senior year of high school my brother and I would sneak to the city, 40 miles away to watch what we called "hippie drum circles in the park" .  We were transformed into an entire different realm.  We watched as people danced like we'd never seen before yet it all felt so familiar.  The feeling was close to euphoric while we were there even though we never physically participated.  

Last weekend, as part of my shamanic healing class, we constructed drums.  The mere thought of having and drumming my own drum excited me and scared me at the same time, which signified that it was going to be a big deal!  What would people think of me playing a drum?  How exactly would I incorporate a drum into my life and in my healing?

We chose the size and sacred animal to make our drums out of and met on a beautiful mountain in a group to construct them.  The spring day was sunny and the heavens shined down as we stretched and massaged our hides over the birch frames.  There was little chatter as we intently focused on what our drums meant to us.  They all turned out individually ornate, artistic, different in color and design.  We laced them with sinew while giving gratitude for the creature that gave it's life for our drums.   I set the intention that my drum heal my soul and be soothing to those whose ears it touched.  By the end of the day it came to my attention that we would have to wait 2 or 3 days for our drums to dry.  I will admit, I was bummed!  It was kind of like getting a Christmas present that requires batteries and there aren't any!  I tapped it gently daily, bursting with excitement for the day when I could feel it's full potential. I purposely didn't put together the drumstick until the day I could use it.

From the very first bump, I knew that this was going to be a long and happy relationship.  That first day I played the drum for our baby, our goat, the chickens, dogs, cat, and for the pony, who didn't appreciate it.  I played it as my first grader walked through the door after school, I played it to my my husbands footsteps coming up the stairs and I marched through the kitchen playing it as my teenage son and his friend stood in amazement.  I've let everybody have a few whacks at family gatherings, and when the baby cries I soothe her with gentle heartbeats.  I find myself just playing a random beat that came from nowhere.   Just as the drum held everyone together in the band, it is holding my family together.  It brings a focus and unity to every space that it lives in, and it reminds me that we are all connected by something as simple as a heartbeat.  

There will definately be more to come with my drum!

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti