Hard work

Idle hands are the devil's playground........or so I thought.

I'm no stranger to hard work.  A good work ethic was instilled in me early on or who knows maybe I was born with it.  I have always considered hard work to mean busting ass, giving all of your effort, doing your best, and mainly it was a physical thing.  I come from a long line of strongly built humans, ready for labor.  When I began my spiritual journey I had no idea of what hard work really meant.  Don't get me wrong, hard physical work breeds pride in oneself, and self sufficiency but the balance is what we are seeking.

Spiritual hard work is the opposite of manual hard work.  Sitting still, letting things happen at their own time, peacefully sitting and waiting for answers. Quietly noticing abundance and acts of love that are constantly happening. Listening, breathing, and doing this day after day without immediate gratification.  

After mastering the art of busy work for almost forty years to do the opposite hasn't exactly come naturally.  Anytime I have a problem or a stressful situation in life I find myself wanting to be extremely busy.  Busy solving the problem or situation, busy doing Everything in my power to assure it's outcome (funny since I know that I literally am in charge of NOTHING) busy distracting my mind from obsessing about the problem.  This whole busy thing carries over into every aspect of my life.  Once I am too exhausted to physically rearrange, clean, or organize anymore I'll get busy snacking, busy internetting.  Busy shopping, driving around, volunteering, when the thing that truly soothes my mind is being still, focusing on all of my blessings, focusing on the emotions, and manifestations of the issue, seeking out the lesson and the energies.  Using my mind to enjoy the change in seasons, filling myself with love and light, practicing the still, the flow and in the end accepting that what will be, will be and I will be happy regardless.

How do I do that?

I found that as a change in plans arises I begin to lessen my self care routine.  NO!  Morning meditation, visits with my guides, intention setting for the day, walks in the outdoors, these are my food, air and water.  These are the things that make me great, that let me do my very best.  To shirk on the things that fill me up is to shirk on what I give the world.  What soothes your soul?  How do you hear that comforting voice that tells you this is for you and this is not?  Maybe you hang with animals or maybe you hike, boat, fish, maybe you dance naked in the full moon (highly suggested) or maybe you take long, hot baths.  Whatever it is, when the shit hits the fan don't you dare cut these things out!  These are the things that make this life story YOURS and if you cut them out whose life is it then?  Who benefits from cutting out these things?  The world needs you to be your best you.  Are you giving your spiritual self your very best?  Are you working hard?

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti