"Sure sign of spiritual growth:  You want more freedom, and less stuff." Lisa Villa Prosen

Freedom to dance.  Your mind is your only prison.  Dance.  Dance now, dance in front of people, without choreographed moves, without adequate clothes or without clothes at all.  Not thinking of the moves or the thoughts, just the dance.  Move to the rhythm of your soul.  We don't all have the same rhythm so why in the hell would we all have the same dance?  Dance through the grocery store, dance in your car, dance at work, dance at home, dance at school, dance on the sidewalk.  Dance so that your subconscious knows that it is free.

Freedom to think.  What do you want to think about?  Go ahead, because there aren't any rules.  You can think about anything that you want to.  Your thoughts are your reality.  Want to think about glitter, unicorns, and rainbows?  Do it.  Whatever is real in your thoughts is real.  It's not what anyone else says, or does, or scoffs at, it's you, it's all yours to choose.  Choose it.  Would I choose guilt, or hate, or anxiety?  I can, but why would I? 

Freedom to feel.  I've always been conscious of the fact that my feelings aren't always "appropriate".  Maybe I don't feel sad when I should, maybe I laugh when I shouldn't.  That is my right.  Who made the rules about what is and isn't appropriate for emotions?  Why should I feel guilty or try to remodel my inner emotions to fit the mold?  I am true to my own emotions.  If I feel the need to laugh, I will.  Loudly, with a snort sometimes.  When I am sad, I will be sad, I will cry and I will heal.  When I feel hurt I will find the lesson, I will dive into the hurt and I will heal.  I will be happy whenever I want.  

Freedom to love.  Reckless abandon.  I love that phrase.  It feels so freeing.  To love with all that you have without fear of loss.  That is love.  To love with your whole heart.  To love whatever you want, whoever you want.  To love constantly or not at all.  Freedom to love.

Freedom to be amazing.  I have talents.  You have talents.  They might be looked at as highly acceptable or not acceptable at all.  Some people might feel jealous of our talents.  Others may feel that we don't deserve our greatness.  Does it matter?  Should we not give the world our very greatness?  We were meant to shine.  We were meant to share our talents, to believe in them.  It feels so good to believe in the gifts that live inside of us.  Add to the world by being great at your special gift set and letting them shine like a beacon for others to rise to.

Bring the focus to what you yourself thinks and not anyone else and your freedom will come.  Freedom.

Love and Light 

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti