I Welcome Change

My grandpa and his good friend, my great uncle that everyone called Moose, were loading a trailer with old wood to recycle.  I was about 10 years old running around and climbing on the wood, the truck, and offering "relevant" advice.  Even then I thought that I had a wealth of knowledge.  My grandpa smiled at Uncle Moose and said "I wish I woulda known that i already knew everything there was to know by the time I was ten!"  The two old men chuckled and went on loading wood.  I didn't understand sarcasm yet and  so I thought I had just been let in on some intense wisdom.  Two years later in a very tumultuous Jr. High time we were in our first day of history class.  The teacher was known for not taking any crap and was also the head football coach so we all wanted to impress him.  I sat in the front of the class.  His first address of the class was "When do we stop learning?"  I quickly raised my hand.  My heart was beating, I knew this answer!!!  He called on me and i said very surely "10!"  He looked  perplexed at me and said "no, we never stop learning."  As soon as he said it i was like, ya that's right we don't, what the heck?  It was then that I realized that nothing was ever set in stone.  Facts that we think we know, we may not.  So it's okay to change your mind.

Things that were relevant to me when I was ten were no longer relevant as a 12 year old.  It's the same for adulthood. In my twenties I loved to run.  Running cleared my mind, strengthened my body, and was an incredible outlet for emotions.  But now in my forties, running doesn't cut it anymore.  I need meditation, writing, dream journaling, spirit guides, and energy healing.  I know that this won't be "IT" forever.  We are constantly ebbing and flowing, changing.  We get new information, we have realizations, and we find new things to love.  It's life.  It's not only okay but it's necessary to revisit and release what no longer serves us.  When I hear that sort of thing i often think only of unskillful behavior, or past wounds, but that's not it.  In order to be open to all of the beauty that is always coming in we need to be willing to have an open mind, be malleable be willing to see that our thoughts may need editing.

It feels so safe to subscribe to a train of thought and just stick to that for life, but what if you find something else?  What if you realize that you were wrong, or that that is no longer how you feel?  Maybe you've been a meat eater all of your life and just suddenly your thoughts and feelings about animals have changed.  Maybe you've subscribed to the views of a certain political party and lately your ideas and theirs do not match anymore. Maybe someone has a valid point about something you've felt quite passionate about and you need to alter your thoughts on the subject. 

Have you ever noticed how successfully married people describe falling in love over and over again?  That's what it is.  Humans are constantly changing.  Changing their views, their attitudes, their lives, their jobs, their philosophies, to be in love with the same person you will grow and change and fall in love with them over and over again. It's the same with exercise or nutrition, or spirituality, or religion.  Finding the love in every situation is the trick to long term happiness.  Falling in love over and over again.

Solid science has even changed, the world was flat, lobotomies were considered a treatment, and a shaking machine was going to shake off fat.  In order to transform we have to be willing to let go of the old, gather our inner resources and listen to our intuition.  Auto pilot doesn't exist when it comes to life.  Your vigilance and participation is the whole thing.  It's when your life feels turned upside down that change is happening.  You can choose to fight the inevitable or to flow and grow with it.  Moving is hard, life cycles are difficult, death, birth, marriage, divorce, change in career, illness, lifestyle change, loss of job, loss of trust, these things are always difficult but they are a true sign that change is on the horizon.  Open the door, offer it something to eat and drink and ask it how you can best proceed.  It's inevitable.  

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti