Make room for new beauty

The full moon is on the 12th.  This will be a crow moon.  The crow has long been the symbol of the end of a phase.  The end of the long cold winter.  The end of an old belief system.  The end of daylight savings.  The end of whatever you want to be over!  The end also means the beginning.  When something ends something new begins.  Spring is upon us, new babies are being born all over in nature.  Plants are popping up, the earth is breathing deeply and slowly waking up.  Use this opportunity to clean out your cluttered mind.  Rid yourself of the emotions, thoughts, habits that do not serve you anymore.  Light a fire by this full crow moon.  Write all of the things that you are ready to be done with onto a piece of paper and burn it.  Dance, laugh and rejoice for new things are coming.  Make room.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti