I am here to bring miracles.  Okay Cecily.  Geez, got a big head? Nope.   Miracles are giving away love.  Giving it indiscriminately.  Giving love to strangers.  Giving love with no expectation.  Giving love because the gift of love is a miracle.  To make another human feel worthy, to give the gift of feeling loved, that is my purpose.  Making eye contact and smiling in passing.  Stopping to chat with the lady who comments on your coat.   Making faces at the angelic baby.  Taking the time to sit with the lonely old man on the park bench.

 I will admit, I have been "too busy", "too scared", to engage with strangers most of my life.  I generally have put my head down, avoided eye contact with strangers, and sometimes even avoiding casual acquaintances.  I guess, I felt that it was all I could do to deal with my own B.S. that I hadn't enough time or energy for anybody else's.  I also was so self conscious of my position in life, my secrets, my guilt, my personal flaws.  I was so  concerned that someone might see right through me and in turn judge me.  I was afraid that I would say something wrong.  I was afraid that my deep sadness and negativity might come out and somehow pass on to them.

So what is different?

1.   My priorities are different.  I value love and kindness over anything else.

2.   My self confidence is different.  I have made peace with who I am, what I've done, and where I am going.  I have given love to all aspects of my being, past present and future.  I know that everything I have done has been a learning experience and I am so grateful to be where I am that I can't help but be grateful for how I got here.

3.  I don't care what other people think.  Not because I am a self absorbed jerk but because I finally accept that I have ZERO control over the thoughts other people have. What a freeing form of thought this is.

4.  I realize that there is something to learn in every single being that I  come into contact with.  I don't want to miss an opportunity to learn something new by cruising in and out with my head down.  

My purpose is to create daily miracles.  Yours is too.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti