Life School

"You're off to great places today is your day your mountain is waiting so get on your way"  Dr. Seuss

Life is a school.  Life is a series of lessons.  Well, at least that is my perception right now.  I didn't used to think that.  I used to think it was more like a competition.  Like something you could be really good at or really bad at.  I thought that if I tried hard enough, researched and planned enough that I would be able to be successful at life.  Maybe even more so than others.  I thought that if I went to college, married the "right" person, raised the perfectly happy and healthy children and got some notoriety for myself that I would be a winner at life.  I am now under a different impression.  I feel that we each have a set of things to learn here in our very own life school.  If we somehow circumvent the lesson, avoid it, it keeps coming back until we get it.

Marriage.  The principal of marriage seems really simple.  You find someone who you find attractive, who has a capacity to earn money, who is smart, kind and feels stoked about what you bring to the table.  You get them to agree that you will only be with each other and no one else for all of your time here in life school.  You will raise children together, pay bills together, and go through life's trials and successes together.  Two people with two different sets of lessons are going to come together and go through all of their lessons together.  I'm on my third marriage.  It wasn't as simple as I had once thought.  It's not "just getting along", it's not "just a strong will", it's way more complicated than that.  It's sometimes running from the lessons, it's sometimes part of the lesson, it sometimes IS the lesson.  There is no amount of foresight or preparation that can help you.  Marriage is not the future, it is right now, right here today.  It is what I say and do NOW.  It is the present moment.  It is being an individual and a part of a team at the same time.  This is all I know so far, I'm still mid semester in the life school on marriage.

Raising children.  I over simplified this life lesson too.  Protect and love them.  That's it right?  Each child has their own set of lessons in life to learn so when you have children you are not only going through life school learning your lessons, you are doing it for someone small to witness while they are going through theirs also.  They will have mountains to climb and as badly as you will want to climb them for them know that if you do, the lesson will keep coming back until they learn it.  The key is to teach them how to find the lesson, how to take defeat and make it into a great thing.  How to fail, and still win the lesson.  21 years after reading every book on child rearing and four different souls later I can sum it up in two words.  BE PRESENT.  To be present in every moment is to see the lesson, to see the win.  Be present.  That is all.  Not drunk, not stoned, not distracted, not gone, be here.  Sometimes here is painful and sometimes it is filled with immense joy either way the key is to be present in the here and now.

Death.  It comes for us all at one time or another.  No matter your color, creed, or beliefs it comes.  Sometimes it comes without warning without even a whisper in the night and sometimes it comes like the town crier with plenty of warning, either way, it comes.   We all knows it's going to come, we have been prepared for it our whole lives.  We read about it, we pray about it, we make songs and we fantasize about it.  Death is a life lesson.  It is different for each of us.  We can compare notes, we can decide the right and wrong way to proceed but the fact remains the same, your presence is necessary to learn the lesson. The feelings that you have will point to the lesson that is to be learned.  Be present, learn the lesson.

In life school we have a curriculum that has been perfectly planned for you.  Your only requirement is your presence in each lesson.  

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti