Ten legitimate reasons to see an energy healer

In our not so distant past life choices were mostly about survival.  Our survival and the survival of our family.  Professionally made clothing, hairdos and sometimes even medical attention were extra and considered luxuries of the wealthy.  Fast forward to today.  If you need attire for any situation it is literally at your fingertips.  Food is not only guaranteed but there are options of how they were made.  The focus of our choices are generally comfort these days.  What you are comfortable doing to obtain something, what you are comfortable paying, wearing, and or eating.  If you have an ailment you go to the doctor, if your hair is not manageable you see a stylist, if your eyelashes are sparse you have them glued on!

 If your spirit and your soul is hurting, where do you go?  If you find yourself lost on your path of life, where do you go?  This is the place of the pastor and or spiritual healer.  Energy and spiritual healing is not a luxury just for those with a huge expendable income.  In my opinion it literally saved my life.  Gave me purpose, clarity, and a renewed closeness to my higher power. One more thing about energy healing, it is not a religion, it is not any kind of weird witchy hokey crap.  It's basically straight forward transference of energy.  The results are so astounding I can see how people can think that it is magic. With that said I've compiled a list of ten legitimate reasons to seek energy healing.

1.  If you are going through a huge life change.  Are you getting divorced?  Did you just experience a huge loss?  Have you decided to switch careers?  Energy healing can help you feel at peace with your decisions and light up the path as to what is next.  It feels like your grandma made you some cookies and as you are sitting in her kitchen she's telling you it will be alright and you truly believe it! 

2.  Have you been obsessively thinking about your "purpose".  Why am I here?  What is it that I have to offer?  Have I been passionately doing what it is that I am meant to do?  I feel like we all come to this point.  Energy healing can help you find your purpose and have the courage to jump on the path to it.

3.  Forgiveness.  Do the tragedies of your past keep coming up and dragging you down?  Have you tried and tried to forgive someone or a situation or yourself, yet it still lingers?  Sometimes we cannot move forward in life until we forgive.  Energy healing gives you all the tools you need to fill that space with love and drive out the darkness.  

4.  Chronic illness.  Do you keep getting sick?  Have you tried everything and you just keep getting sick?  Do you have a chronic illness that you are trying to manage?  Sometimes our chronic illness' are truly our body crying out for soul healing.  We might not be letting things go, we might be overstressed, we might have stifled our feelings for so long that it has now become a chronic illness.  Energy healing sends the energy to where it is needed most.  I have many clients who have reported great strides in their chronic illness,  less symptoms, and sometimes even disappearance.

5.  Pain relief.  Many of my clients who suffer from chronic pain, neck, back, hip, head, have experienced relief after receiving energy healing.

6.  Anxiety.  Do you have high anxiety?  do you worry about EVERYTHING?  Do you constantly think of the worst case scenario?  Does your head often feel like your thoughts are out of control and you cant reel them in?  Energy healing fills you up and then you can decide what you will allow back in. 

7.  Clarity about a situation or decision.   Are you wondering if you should continue on your same path or start from scratch?  This is a top reason people come to see me.  Clear sight or clear thought.  The higher self knows the answer already but all of the false beliefs and the ego changes it all around until it's difficult to recognize what is what.  I have many reports of seeing "clearly" after an energy healing session.  Sometimes it's just enough confirmation of what you already thought to boost you in the right direction.

8.  Sleep.  The number one report I get from people after receiving energy healing is that they slept better than they ever have.

9.  Peace.  The feeling just after an energy healing session is absolute peace.  I've had clients describe entire crap storms that happened to them after and they felt as if they just floated through it.  Like nothing could get to them.

10.  Joy.  Do you want more Joy in your life?  Who doesn't ?  Energy healing can show you just the feeling you are searching for so you can, over time lengthen and lengthen the amount of joy in your life until it is nearly all joy. You will pinpoint the things that make you feel good and the things that don't.  Then you can decide if you want to eliminate or add things to your experience. 

I just want you to know that you don't have to do this on your own.  Energy healing is a wonderful tool in your journey. There are many different modalities of energy work and many different healers.  Find one that resonates with you and see how your life improves.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti