How do we get more clarity up in the noggin?

As we are rambling along in our life we come upon emotions, thoughts, or events that we really don't want to deal with at the time.  So we distract our mind.  Maybe we'll treat ourselves to some donuts or lavish coffee drinks on a day we'd rather not go to work just to make it feel a little less crappy.  After our day of work we go for a couple of drinks with friends to unwind and forget about the day. 

Distracting ourselves is just procrastination of the brain.  It's the same with housework, just inside the brain.  Now if you distracted yourself yesterday from dealing with your crappy job, what will you do today?  Will you dive head first into the emotions of the day?  Will you make a legitimate plan to improve your situation?  Will you see your unskillful acts or thoughts that led to the events that upset you?  These would be optimal, but all too often we just go on distracting. So we just push that experience down and go on with our day.  Something new occurs today, and the cycle repeats.  When you push these things down day after day it takes more and more distractions to avoid things popping up.  More T.V., more alcohol, more shopping, more unhealthy foods, more sex, and with these distractions come more emotions to deal with, more garbage to distract yourself from, until you realize your entire life is just a distraction from your emotions.

When I realized this was my life, I was incredibly overwhelmed.  I had thirty years worth of not forgiving, unprocessed junk to deal with, and I wanted it all gone NOW!  The first step I took was to eliminate the distractions.  I cut out all food that wasn't giving my body anything.  This step took several months to a year and included a large food group, sugar (alcohol) that was providing me with a lot of distraction.  After a few months, i began to see things a lot clearer.  Just taking this first step brought me so much more clarity.  I hated the state that my life was in and I felt it was too much to witness so i unwittingly began to distract myself with spending money.  I would justify the expenses by saying that at least i wasn't spending money on alcohol and junk food anymore.  I finally realized what this was, another distraction and it was causing more emotions to deal with.  At this point, desperate for an answer I threw it all out there and decided I needed to really just go into the dark abyss of my mind and find the issues, maybe one at a time and deal with them, forgive them, and myself, own up to them and let them go.

In comes meditation.  Meditation did not come easy or naturally to me, my mind is a constant tornado.  I began with a timer and 5 minutes a day focusing on a singular thought.  I didn't have goals to increase or become "better"  i just wanted to give myself 5 minutes a day of quiet to see if I could begin to find and deal with the past and present issues without distracting.  The peace I felt after mediating, the clarity, helped me to see just what to do.  Things would just come to me and I would know that this is right, this is the next step.  Not everyday was ground breaking, some days were more like a tug of war between peace and my grocery list.   But the benefits by far outweighed the struggle.

After about a year of meditation, I had moved through many obstacles, and made peace with a lot of the past, even dealt with new problems head on.  My clarity of thought was at an all time high.  I still was hitting some roadblocks on some old wounds that I just couldn't get past.  I felt like there was a brick wall.  I tried to force it but through all of my effort I was stuck.  I decided I needed some help.  I read some books, searched the internet and finally settled on energy healing.  It just felt right.  I'll have to admit, i was really scared at first, but after just one session huge strides began.  The brick wall began to crumble and new insights began to flow.  The path was well lit and I now feel a true connection to the divine about what is right for me and what is not.  I feel at this point i am closer than ever to clearing out the old buried emotions and am ready to deal with new challenges head on. Just as the distractions are different for everyone the steps to eliminate them will be too.  Just like with any large task, just start.  Start shoveling through and before you know it you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti