Signs, Signs, Everywhere are signs!

The universe is attempting communication with us constantly.  From the numbers you regularly see on the clock or on signs to physical ailments, signs are everywhere.  The key is to noticing them and understanding their meaning.  When you run into someone you haven' t seen in quite some time or when you meet someone new, the encounter is not chance.  

I was in a class with a gentleman a while back that had just had a heart attack.  He had literally died for a minute and was brought back.  He said he had a new lease on life.  He was making dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and changes in mind.  I had a feeling that this was the universes' last resort to wake him up!  So, being me, I took the opportunity to grill him.  I came to find out that there had been lots of what I call "in your face" signs and i just felt that even before that there were more subtle signs.  His entire life was riddled with nudges, pushes and then this final wrecking ball to the head.

I began to think of my own life.  As they say "hindsight is 20/20", but what if we could see the present 20/20?  I felt, deep down, that it was possible, so my quest began.  I was going to be constantly aware.  I tend to jump into things in an obsessive manner so the beginning was a little over the top.  "Oh look!  someone tracked mud in the house! I wonder what that means?"  I plagued my family with pulling off the side of the road to stare at birds,  staring at clouds on walks trying to decipher meaning, and (I still do this) "Look kids! The clock says 11:11 " and then stare off in wonder.  I see the looks on their faces and their slight annoyance but I've learned that it all means something!  Not always something important but always something.  So now that I was noticing things i of course wanted to put meaning to them! " Whoa, I saw 20 crows today......I wonder what that means?"  So, i turned to the Google. I didn't exactly find what I was looking for, but what Google did was give me someone else's impression of what it all meant.  This can work for you though, if the universe knows that you think seeing 11:11 means you are on the right path, then that is the message it will send you. Otherwise, notice the feeling you have when you notice a sign.  If your thoughts have drifted to a wrong that someone has caused you and you see 11:11 the universe could be saying to you "Realign your thoughts to love and forgiveness".

A friend of mine and fellow light worker was talking about signs and she described them as a whisper...I said,  "Mine is more like an annoying little kid, 'mom mom mom mom moooooom'"  and she replied, "Well, that makes sense because you're so strong willed." I think think that may be a nice way to say...."You're a thick skulled dipwad." :)  Regardless, noticing the signs has helped me so much!  When I'm on the right path the signs are like my own personal cheerleader yelling from the sidelines "keep up the good work!"  and when I am on my way down the wrong road it's like a gentle loving hand saying "Hey, pull your head out, this is not what you want!"

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti