We've all thought that someone could totally use an attitude adjustment.  A bratty toddler, a disrespectful teenager, that rage filled driver.  But what about the complacent housewife?  Or the purposeless worker?  What about me?  Could I use an attitude adjustment?  What if we call it a change of perspective or a fresh set of eyes?  Whatever the heck you decide to call it, it is life changing.  How does this shift take place and how can I get my fresh set of eyes?

The first step is noticing your thoughts.  Does that thought of "FML" at the first sound of the alarm clock in the morning make you feel good?   When hanging with your bros over a brewsky after that dreadful job, does complaining and listening to them complain make you feel good?  When you think of the things you don't have, how does it make you feel? Just noticing these thoughts, noticing how they make you feel and where in your body you feel it is huge!  

Let's do a little test... first think of something you desire so much; imagine yourself having it and enjoying it. Now imagine something that upsets you highly- the shift is so noticeable!  Why do we focus so much of our energy feeling gross over ugly thoughts when we can use the same amount of energy to focus our thoughts on bliss?  While you are noticing these thoughts, it is NOT helpful to shame yourself for thinking the thoughts. This just adds another disgusting feeling to your already overburdened mind. Just observe your feelings and thoughts like a scientist, "Ah yes, this is a thought that gives me pain...hmmmm very interesting". 

 Now that you are aware of the thought, we can start attempting to shift your perspective,  ex.  "Ughhhhh, I don't want to go to work tomorrow!" Oh wow, that feels bad!  .....a little shift...."well, it's almost the weekend",  a bigger shift..."I'm so stoked to save up for that new boat I want!", and now a really big shift...."I can just see myself in my dream position!"  

Retrain your brain to see what a beautiful life experience you are involved in because I don't want you to miss it! Be gentle with yourself, any step is a step toward your happiness.


Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti