The Revolt Of The Ego

  When you begin on your healing journey, you will notice that there will be road blocks set up by your very own ego.  You may feel guilt over the amount of time you are investing in yourself.  You might feel sad over the friends that don't connect to you anymore.  You may also question your sanity and even your motives.  These are all the ego trying to bring you back to the comfort of the old you.

Your ego has run rampant for the majority of your life.  It has led you to believe that you were in control and that whatever you see and however you perceive circumstances is the only truth.  "That man looks like a homeless person, so he must be.  That woman has tattoos so she must be a social deviant."  Your ego has made you feel that in arguments you were justified, it has helped you think up the most insane burns and comebacks.  And it told you that you deserved to show the world your rightness and their wrongness.  But why did it never feel really really good?  Because it wasn't what our higher self wanted.  It never really sat well to walk away after winning an argument.  Or we never really won.

Once you realize that your perception has been skewed through the ego's goggles, you then realize that every other person on this planet has a different perspective than you.  Only you had seen, heard, smelled and felt the things in your experience.  Not one other human has had the exact same experience as you have!  So there are billions of different perspectives.  Either they are all wrong or they are all right.  The answer is, they are all right. To simplify, when a variety of people witness a crime, each one tells a vaguely different story in accordance with their history. We each are on the journey that lines up with the choices we have made.  We each have to learn our own lessons at our own pace.  When someone objects to our lesson and our ideas, it is their prerogative and if we want to we can attempt to see it from their perspective.  But that doesn't mean that mine is wrong.  It just means we see it differently.  Because of our life experiences we see it differently.  The key is to letting yourself see your truth just how you see it.  Not how Sally down the road sees it, not how the governor sees it, just how little ol you sees it.  And to allow Sally down the road to see it how she sees it.

Now that we are clearly seeing what it is we believe and what we have to offer the world we can clean it up and make it whatever we want.  In the beginning we didn't have too much say over our experiences that created our perspective but now as adults we have complete control.  Control to form and shape our new experiences and so our new perspective.  I want to be filled with Joy and surrounded by people who are filled with Joy.  Just setting this as my intention helps me to consciously and unconsciously select the experiences that will bring this to me.  Just setting this intention opens your eyes to opportunities.  It also helps you to appreciate all of the things you have.  Whatever your new intention is will change your perspective accordingly.  The ego will attempt to butt in and remind you of your old perspective.  Use this opportunity to heal that old perspective and any other issues that are blocking you from seeing your new ideas wholly.

Once your perspective is different and you are pinpointing experiences that you no longer desire, the cold hard fact is that you may not have as much in common with some of the people that you are surrounded by.  Does that mean that they are wrong?  No.  It just means that you no longer want that experience.  It's okay.  Your ego will make you  feel guilty and it might even try to make you think that you owe them to stay here or that you are losing your friends.  The ego wants to stay in control of your situation.  It's comfortable here, it's always been here, it knows that it can survive here because it has.  But we don't want to just survive, we want to thrive like a beautiful flower in the spring!   You know that if you want to you can always change perspectives again!  That's the beauty of it. 

The best way to know when you are on the track to what you truly desire is to notice how your body feels.  When the ego is in charge, you feel sick, beaten down, just getting by, like you have no control over your life.  When you have taken charge and are making choices that are for your highest good you feel elated, excited, hopeful, happy, energized, confident, and grateful.

As with learning any new skill, it gets easier as you go and the ego doesn't try to cause havoc nearly as much.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti