Love and Light Energy

Energy.  It's a strange thing.  You believe in it, you know it's a thing.  It's difficult to describe, difficult to see and smell but you can feel it.  Energy powers our homes, propels our vehicles, and gets us through the day.  Did you also know energy could be the cause of your depression, your autoimmune disease and your negative thoughts?  Did you know that you can unknowingly give your energy away?  Did you know that you can also take on the energy of another?

Energy is in everything and it is never ending.  If you give money to someone, you are giving them energy. We exchange energy for energy when we buy groceries.  We worked for the money which was also an exchange of energy.  It's not often that I think about what I'm exchanging energy for.  I only want to exchange love and light for love and light.  I would feel that giving my love and light (money) to a homeless person would be a good exchange, but what if this person is not wanting to be filled with love and light?  What if this person was full of hate and in the throws of a full on energy crisis?  Did you know that your good deed can be turned into bad?  Here's an example.  You have a relative who is struggling.  It is obvious to everyone that the root of their struggle  is their own acceptance and exchange of dark energy.  This person constantly hurts people around them either with their words or their action or their use of resources.  This person, whom we love and care about so much, needs energy to survive.  They need energy to continue their reign of terror.  They call you and tell you that they don't have any food.  You give them $100.  This money was earned with your loving energy.  It is your beautiful  light energy.  Your desire is for this person to take this love energy and turn it into love for themselves, but they don't have to.  This money can then be turned into whatever that person wants.  They can turn it into drugs, alcohol,or guilt,  they can turn it into anything.  It's not only money.  If you are sitting next to someone and they are telling you their story of woe and you decide to hug them and fill them with your beautiful light energy (this happens all the time by the way)  they can take it and turn it into bad, dark energy.  Energy is just energy until we put a light or dark to it.  

If you constantly are thinking how much you love someone and how happy they make you, you are sending them light energy.  The opposite, however is also true.  If you constantly think about how much you hate someone and all  of the things you could do or say that would hurt them, you are sending them dark energy.    You are now thinking, "so if someone hates me, and I have zero control over what someone thinks of me they can send me dark energy?"  Yes.  You can however, with daily practice refuse to accept it.  Meditate, keep yourself full of love and light, be vigilant with your thoughts, and stay grounded.

This goes right along with absorbing other peoples energy, if you learn how to not absorb you can also deflect negative energy.  I'm still quite new to this and  just recently let my guard down.  I was out for a couple of days with what I describe as a tornado in my head.  It's as if I'm somebody else.  Everything I love and  care about goes by the wayside and in it's place are cravings and thoughts that aren't even mine!  My thoughts are so messed up that I can't even think what to do.  Lucky for me I can give Reiki to myself, I have a close personal relationship with my guides and angels, and I know how to meditate, which I might add was extremely difficult during the brain tornado.  These are all skills that anyone could and(especially if you are empathetic or struggle with mental illness) should learn.  It was kind of like a full on panic attack.  Guilt, anger, sadness all at once and all about everything past, present or future.  I had to go off completely alone and as their were moments of clarity, it was a true struggle.  I quickly realized that I had taken on someone else's energy.  Whether I had been in close proximity of them or they were hatin on me, I had left my guard down and it took me a day or two to get back on track.

 I recognized that this used to be my life.  I had forgotten the hell that I used to be in. You know how it goes, you don't know how bad you have it until you have it good!  Well let me tell ya, you aren't destined to suffer with those awful feelings.  I feel grateful for the experience because now I can see how far I've come.  My days used to be ruled with just barely holding my shit together.  I was always just one incident away from a full on melt down.   This just isn't how it is anymore.  My days are smooth.  It's like I ride over the bumps in a new Cadillac rather than a 67 Chevy.  I've got air ride!   Bumps can be anything from things not going as planned to full on disasters.  It's just so nice to know that i'ts not just "how I am" or something I just "have to deal with".  There are legitimate causes and tools for this stuff!  

Love and Light

Mama Vietti


Cecily Vietti