Filling up your battery

We go through life experiencing beauty, love, and majesty and along the way we come across discord.  We feel we have been wronged.  We feel our parents treated us unjustly, our spouse hurt us or even bigger, someone was unfairly taken from us.  Whether or not our perception of theses situations is correct we have a wound.  With each wound a little bit of our energy is given out. Or in some cases a lot!

Imagine that we are a battery at 100% when we are born.  Our energy is at it's peak.  At some point in our childhood we feel that an injustice has happened.  As long as we continue to relive the injustice we give it energy.  Once we truly forgive the injustice and stop replaying it in our head or in our lives we reclaim our energy.  Far too often this is not the case.  For the most part we go on and happen upon more and more injustices and we relinquish more and more of our energy to them.  Some may only take a bit and then something huge may happen and it depletes us down to nothing.  

When we are depleted we cannot put energy toward things that we love.  We are left feeling depressed, beat by the world.  We go to work, go home, eat, and go to bed.  We wake up the next day with just barely enough to make it through.  We want more energy for our family, for our dreams, for our purpose.  But it's just not there.

If we could look at this like a bank account we would see we are spending more than we are earning and we are quickly going into debt.  What we need to do is cut the costs.  We need to stop giving energy to the past.  The stories that pop up in our head, the ones we want people to know that we suffered through and survived, the ones that when we replay them we feel sick.  Find those, one at a time and make the conscious choice to stop feeding them.

 1.  Stop talking about them.  This circumstance is over.  It is in the past and it cannot affect us anymore, unless we allow it to.

 2.  Stop replaying it in your head.  We don't need to know why it happened.  We don't need to know what we could have said or did or who was right or wrong.  Every time we replay it, we give it our precious energy.  Energy that we could give to things we truly love and enjoy.  

3.  Forgive the event.  We don't need to say it was okay or that we are going to be friends with the situation.  We are just making peace with it.  It happened, it's over, and I'm moving past it.

 4.  Stop shoving the situation down and numbing them.  We need to deal with it.  It's not just going to go away on it's own.  Sober up, stop distracting yourself and see it for what it is and make a decision that it is not going to run your life, or rather drain your life anymore.

The easiest way is to tackle these puppies one at a time as they come up.  I can be having a delightful day enjoying a lovely walk and I will find myself knee deep in an argument I had with someone 10 years earlier.  As soon as I realize it i decide that this event needs forgiven.  I will decide if I can just forgive it right here and now or if it needs more work.  More work would entail, a guided forgiveness meditation, asking my angels and guides for help forgiving or seeing my spiritual guidance counselor (energy healer, shaman, life coach, priest, counselor) and asking for help.  Just creating the intention to let these things go is often enough.  Sometimes things that I have let go will come back up and I realize it needed more work.  I welcome it because I know that once it's gone I get that energy back to put toward whatever I want!

Once you have realized that there are all of these drains on your energy and you begin to call them back you will be astounded at the changes in your life.  You will see more beauty, you will act more skillfully in the moment.  Things that used to upset you will roll off of your back.  You will be able to forgive sooner.  You will begin to transform into a happier more loving you.

I was under the impression that battle scars made me stronger when in fact they were dimming my light.  I have found a way to take what I need from the injustices and move forward with my full potential.  This is what I want for you.  I want you to walk forward without the past dragging behind you like a ball and chain.  I want you to barrel into each new day like a burst of energy screaming "here I am!"  

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti