Tuning In

I have not mastered all of these skills that I am writing about on my blog.  Ya, you heard me.  I write daily about skills that I am working on but have not yet mastered.  To be honest, the skills are not mine, the blog is not mine, and the articles are really not mine either.  I don't even know If I am writing these for my learning or for others or both.

This blog, the healing, the life coaching, all of that was not a plan that I made.  My life, right now is a book in which I am unable to turn the pages.  They turn when it is time.  I tune in, do what I feel needs to be done with the information I am given from spirit and put it out there.  Every morning after I meditate an idea comes in my head for the blog.  I sit down and words and ideas begin to flow.  It's the same for healing sessions.  I calm my mind and body and begin the work and I am directed to say and point out things.

I will have to admit two parts of this are difficult for me.  The first part is it's very difficult to not take credit.  When someone gushes about the blog, or thanks me for the information and tells me how it has affected them or their life, I want to beam with pride that I came up with it, I did it.  I am proud that I am being courageous enough to do the work, but it's still hard to not be like "oh ya that's right, I'm special, people need my specialness" ya know?  The same with healing sessions, when the images or words come, or I am able to see someone move to the next level of their healing, it would be so easy to let my ego take the credit.  But, truly, it's all a part of a larger plan.  The planning made me feel as though I could make things work out perfectly.  Then, when they often wouldn't go according to my "plan" I wouldn't even be able to function.  That was a lesson in itself!  

The second part that is difficult is not having a plan.  I have always been a HUGE planner.  I have been known to plan my days complete with what food I was going to eat down to the minute.  That is not very far in my past.  Just recently I have been letting it just go how it goes.  I want to know what's next, I want to plan it all out.  The truth is, I had a completely different plan for Mama Vietti's Farm.  It was far more logical, and thought out.  I was going to provide Paleo meals and food coaching.  Learning to eat the best for my body was literally the beginning of my awakening to my new life.  I felt that if I could give that to more people, they too could see the astounding changes that I had.  That's not how it played out, though, and I am fine with it, actually more than fine, I am filled with so much satisfaction that I am doing the work that I am suppose to be doing.  Don't get me wrong I still love helping people find out their optimal food needs but it is part of a larger plan that includes mind body and spirit.

It's okay to not know, to not force things, it's okay to just throw it all out there and see where it all goes.  I'm just going to make decisions with the question "will this bring me peace?" and add sprinkles of love and faith and see where it all takes me.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti