Awareness with Vigilance

There are some rituals we can do to maintain awareness of our mind.  The mind that is tuned into the frequency, vibration, and energy of love and gratitude is receiving those and more.  

Sometimes when I'm doing a mindless task I'll find myself playing out old thought patterns that are truly negative.  What I might say to so and so , what I would do if this happened, and how I would show them.  Awareness lets us notice this and replace it with a new thought pattern.  I find it far more satisfying to dream of things I love rather than these old ideas.  It's just a matter of awareness and retraining.  

If you have a serious physical condition you may relearn to eat, if you have a surgery you may relearn to use body parts, It's the same with your brain.  Just reteach yourself to be happy!  Why not?  Think of the gift you are giving to yourself and everyone around you.  Your happiness is desired by nearly everybody!  Here are a few awareness techniques I have learned.

1.  Setting intentions.  I segment my day out by new tasks and set an intention just before each one. Waking up "My intention is to drink and enjoy this coffee and it will make me feel great while I read the news and only take in and process the positive and beautiful things that will bring purpose to my life".  Seeing my family "I want to uplift my family with clear communication where we both leave feeling loved and heard."  Driving to work "I see myself driving easily and joyfully to work where I will arrive refreshed in a timely matter".  I know this may sound weird but I do it and I'm not even kidding I will be running late and by some magic I arrive 10 minutes earlier without speeding and stressing.  Try it.  Time can expand for you.

2.  Paying attention to signs.  I'll admit this seems a bit out there but it's the real deal.  If I ever see 444 I'll check my thoughts and sure enough I'm thinking in a negative pattern.  I didn't know this initially, but over time every time I would see this number I would try to catch what the last thought was before I saw it and every time it was a negative thought.  The universe is helping me to vibrate at a higher level.  Here is an article I wrote about signs that is very helpful!

3.  Notice how your thoughts are making you feel.  Does this thought pattern make your stomach hurt or are your shoulders and jaw clenched?  This is a sure sign that it is time to release that thought pattern. You may want to try a forgiveness meditation. Here is a really good one that I love.

4.  Try to find the gratitude in every situation.  Especially the ones you don't like.  I'm not saying you need to be thankful for crappy stuff, it's just that when you search for the good in all situations it retrains your brain to always see love and light.  Soon enough the negativity won't be noticed anymore.

5.  Meditation.  Meditating no matter how small allows you to slow the tornado in your brain long enough to see the actual thoughts.  This is how you can pinpoint what thoughts are not serving your new outlook on life and discard them.  Even 5 minutes a day of quiet contemplation can bring about so much awareness.

6.  Mantras or phrases.  Seriously?  I know, I know, but it truly works.  Especially when you are just starting to retrain your brain.  You have to give it something to spin around because it is so used to over analyzing and planning for the worst that it just gets bored and goes back to it's old habits.  Meditate on a daily lesson or thought of the day, A Course in Miracles workbook has a year of daily lessons and thoughts. Learn a prayer or phrase that promotes love and peace and recite that.  The Reiki Energy Healing Center , where I study, uses the Metta For All Beings

May all beings have fresh air and water.

May all beings have food to eat.

May all beings share love with someone. 

May all beings have a home.

May all beings live their true purpose.

May all beings be well and happy.

May all beings be free from suffering.

We'll do what we can to make this so.

Come up with your own and anytime you feel that your mind is wondering recite it.  I hope these ideas help you!  I have many,many more!  Contact me and we can discuss it!

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti