Gratitude is sometimes difficult to fully feel.  Sometimes instead of gratitude we feel guilt.  Guilt that we were given a gift so great that we feel we are unable to reciprocate appropriately.  Guilt that we aren't deserving of the gift we have received.  

Sometimes we feel more animosity over gifts, like we are wondering what strings are attached or what the true meaning  behind the gift is.  

Things that are easy to feel grateful for are gifts that we receive from spirit. "Thank you so much for these beautiful children.  Thank you so much for my health".  Because we know that spirit doesn't want anything in return.  Or we feel deserving, like we've earned this gift. " Thank you so much for my success, thank you for this warm house, thank you for the undying love of another human". 

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and places.  What if, we were able to look at things that are normally seen as a curse as a gift?  Thank you for these negative thoughts about so and so, now I know what needs to be healed.  That is something I've been saying often.  When I find myself in a dark pit it will take all of my strength but I'll say "thank you for this opportunity to heal, I welcome it".  Every time I encounter this (which is pretty  often lately) I have a huge healing and release something that I've been holding on to for too long.  Sometimes I'm able to forgive, sometimes I realize my beliefs of a situation are incorrect, and sometimes I just realize that I'm stuck in victim mode again.  I like to be right.  Or so my ego likes to be right.  When I focus on being right I can't be grateful.  Gratitude is like my gravity.  It brings me back to center.  I can't be grateful and hurt or hateful at the same time.  When I finally get to gratitude every thing else is gone.  

It's strange how my whole life I pictured gratitude as something that you owed someone, like a debt to be paid back.  You buy me a Christmas gift and so I should buy you one.  And showing your gratitude should be something like making yourself less by looking so undeserving of the gift.  Yet, when I give a gift whether it's of knowledge or material, I definitely don't want it to make the other person feel less.  I want them to feel MORE!  I want it to build them.  Giving of a gift is saying I love you and I think this can make your life better or easier.  Gratitude is accepting the gift and seeing it as an opportunity to pass it along.  Gratitude is the emotion you feel for being brought back into love.  Gratitude is love.  

Gratitude should always feel like pure love.  Love of yourself, love of the situation and love of the opportunity.  Giving means I love you.  Thank you means I love you too.  

Take the small steps today to feel more gratitude, to feel more love, more joy and I promise you the rest will just melt away.  Let gratitude show you what is there instead of what is not.  The next time you get a gift look the person in the eyes and with all the love in your heart tell them thank you for filling your heart with more love.  

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti