Morning ritual to rule the day

1.  Wake up with gratitude.  Before you even open your eyes say thank you.  Thank you in your head, thank you out loud, whatever you want to thank.  Wake up with gratitude for waking up, gratitude for warmth, hot coffee, love whatever you want. 

2. Get a theme.  Whaaaat?  Some people have thought of the day calendars.  I read A Course In Miracles workbook, read a bible verse, look up some inspirational quotes, draw a card from an inspirational card deck.   Give yourself some rose colored glasses to look at the day through.  What do you want to focus on today?  Forgiveness, love, peace.  Decide to remember your theme often and especially when tough situations occur.

3.  Meditate.  Give yourself at least 5 minutes (I guarantee you will begin to want more and more time).  5 minutes every morning to focus on your theme or focus on your breath and a message will come.  Eventually you can add time with your guides, time to self heal, journey time.  

4.  Set your intention.  Today I want to be filled with Joy.  Today I want to have clear uplifting communication.  Today I want to replace fear with love and forgiveness.  Just one or two is adequate at first.  Go into a space where you can imagine your entire day with the intention.  Imagine yourself, happy, imagine yourself healthy, filled with gratitude and joy, feel it, really be there.  If you have crystals, charge your crystals with your intention.

5.  Fuel your body.  Drink some water and feed yourself with the intention of giving your body exactly what it needs to achieve what you want.  Enjoy the meal, taste every bite.  Feel grateful for the meal.

6.  Move!  Preferably outside.  5 minutes, 10, whatever just get moving, walking, noticing, thanking, loving.  Move that body.

Now go rule your day

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti