Kick Fear to the Curb

I don't want to feel anxiety and fear.  I only want love and joy.  How can I stop fearing what may or may not happen?  I want to feel at peace with the future .  I can change every present moment by giving up fear. How can I move closer to the feelings of peace and love?

1.  Fill your thoughts with love.  Choose love.  Focus your mind on thoughts of Love and Joy.

2.  Give it to God.  Ya, I said it.  I used to be full of anxiety and fear to the tippy top.  Someone said "give it to God".  so I did.   I imagined myself taking one fear and setting it cautiously at God's feet.  He then zapped it into dust.  So  I began to bring more, one by one.  He effortlessly zapped them into dust.  It felt so good.  I then backed up a truck full of my anxiety and asked him if I could dump it all there .  He said "please do".  So i began to shovel it all one load at a time at his feet and he zapped it all.  This was very freeing.

3.  Set the intention to be full of love.  When your intentions are filled with love and light so is your life.  These are the opposite of fear.  When fear is around love and light are missing.  When setting intentions it is most helpful to state what it is that you want.  I want to be filled with love and light.  If you were to ask to be without fear, the focus would still be on fear.  Set healthy intentions.  If you want to know more about setting intentions The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks is a life changing book.

4.  Lastly, on days that I am feeling high anxiety I have a phrase that i repeat to myself.  Where are you?  HERE What time is it?  IT IS NOW.  This always brings me back.  I might have to do it several times  but it works.

My desire for you is that you feel Joy and Love.  I want you to feel confidence on the path to your happiness.  Remember, you were not brought here to suffer.  Align your thoughts with Love and that is what you will feel.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti