Let's Talk about Food, Dude!

I get a lot of eye rolls and huge resistance when I'm giving a healing session and spirit tells me a food group that the client should eliminate.  Quite literally, food was the gate keeper from my former sleepy life to this vibrant alive life.  I've been reading a lot of blogs written by individuals on their own path to happiness and the main commonality is a more conscious lifestyle, it's making decisions on purpose.  Choosing to put things in our bodies after researching and being well informed about the why.  Some adopt a completely vegan diet, some do an elimination diet, it doesn't matter the name, what matters is that you are choosing to put fuel into your body for a reason that is to elevate your level of satisfaction in life.

  I wanted to eliminate what wasn't working for me and add what I wasn't getting.   The Whole 30 program was an effective way for me to find out what these things were.  After finding out my optimal eating style I researched names of the way I wanted to eat and the style that I settled on was The Paleo Diet.  Two years later and I am able to easily maintain it and I feel better than ever.  Chronic problems have disappeared and new found energy has taken their place.  What I am talking about here is clearing out your brain, getting rid of the fog, the food guilt, the eating without awareness.  It's a huge lesson in awareness to purposely choose what goes into your body, into your experience.  

It's more difficult to deal with the regular chaos of life when our body doesn't feel good, when our blood sugar is skyrocketing and plummeting.  I want my body to be on cruise control, optimally going along doing the functions that it was made to do and leave me to conquering my thoughts.  I want to be able to do whatever it is I feel I need to do on any certain day without worrying if my body can do it.  When you feel good, it's a lot easier to have an uplifted attitude and a higher vibration.

Now that I know what effect food has on me I can make a conscious decision to accept that effect or not.  After eliminating things and then adding them back one at a time, I decided my brain function and body was so amazing without those items that I wouldn't add anything back.  I never say "oh I can't eat that" it's more like " I don't eat that" because I can do whatever I want, I'm just choosing not to accept the consequences related to putting that into my body.  

There are many different ways to eliminate foods that are not helping you and are actually hurting you.  Decide what feels right for you and take the steps to begin.  Eliminating food as a crutch or numbing agent in your life will help you deal with the real issues.  It's very easy to justify eating whatever you want.  It's also very easy to justify loving yourself enough to only eat what you need.  It's just food dude.  Take control of your life move yourself into a state of making all of your decisions consciously.

Love and Light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti