When you just......can't. My emergency kit

I have all of these great ideas and practices about adding joy to our lives.  I'm so much happier than I was before.  For the majority of my life I struggled with bouts of depression.  That is virtually gone.  But about once or twice a month I'll find myself smack dab in the middle of some hate.  I meditate, I pray, I focus my thoughts on the positive side of things.  I get energy healing. And I'll still find myself hearing my husband scratch his leg and imagine cutting it off, dropping  some pretty bad words on my kids and imagining myself in a hotel room completely alone.  What do I do when this happens?

Let me start by saying, with the tools I have learned, the duration and intensity of the episode is cut down by at least 70%.  But there is still unskillful behavior to deal with. 

1.  First and foremost I let my family know that I need to be alone for awhile.  If you are acting like the mommy dearest that I become, they will gladly grant you this.

2.  Temporarily sequester yourself.   Take an extra long shower, indulge in a couple of hours of mindless t.v. or internet mediation, if weather permits take a long, walk, or take a drive.  It's just being completely alone without anyone needing me, asking me things, or making sounds( or smells ) that disturb me.  This somehow soothes my soul.  I seem to just get overwhelmed.

3.  After you've calmed down a bit try to see what it is that my mind is focusing on.  Is this an opportunity to heal?  Often after getting rid of all of the distractions I will see, there was a trigger.  Maybe an old guilty thought, maybe my healthy boundaries got breached and I was talked into doing something I didn't want to, maybe I've been neglecting myself, do I need energy healing?

4.  Decide the appropriate action to take.  Dive into this opportunity, heal whatever caused this.  And foremost, forgive yourself right off the bat for having a low energy day.  Be gentle and talk to yourself as you would anyone else.  

5.  There is no need to suffer through a funk alone.  Visit a professional.  Talk to an energy healer, your pastor, a counselor,  get a massage.  If this lasts for more than a couple of days, get off your ass and ask for help.  Why suffer when someone else can help you put new perspective to the things that are all wrapped up in your head.

6.  Last but not least.......coffee and chocolate.......cuz I said so.

What if, on this day, I have to go to work?  If you cannot pull a sick day.....you are gonna have to just smile and get through it.  After work is when you will need to start your process..  Generally a low energy day is your mind and body crying out for your immediate attention.

Love and light

Mama Vietti

Cecily Vietti